Anechoic Test Facilities

Bay Systems Ltd are able to help you design and develop a ATF that is perfectly suited to you needs.

We now also offer Mini Acoustic Chambers, more information can be found here.

Below is an extract from our 2007 catalogue for more information see page 22 of our brochure

The Bay Systems approach to the design and build of Acoustic Test Facilities (ATFs) is that they should be as good as they need to be but not better. This approach ensures that the facilities are in place to support R&D and production and that the company can afford them. This means that facilities are created, when possible, from the buildings that are there. The design is optimised for the tasks that the company can foresee being undertaken. The usability that results from the individually tailored design ensures that the staff will be productive in the ATF. It is easy to find Hemi-Anechoic and Reverberant rooms which are tedious to work in and where staff are understandably lacking in enthusiasm. By discussing all aspects of the facility, with the staff involved, productivity in the new facility exceeds expectations.

Building a Hemi-Anechoic Room. Some thoughts on design, build and selection of materials: Flash | PowerPoint | Adobe pdf

Or our case history showing the building and testing of an actual hemi-anechoic room. documents on building anechoic chambers: Adobe pdf