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(Calculate Hand Arm RMS Vibration levels)

Calculate Hand Arm Vibration levels from time histories and spectral data using nVision. nVision (Advanced NVH PC software) accepts data from most sampling and analysis systems including wave cards and multi-channel USB systems. The new CHARM module enables the vector sum and individual direction hand arm vibration levels (X+Y+Z directions) to be calculated.

A major advantage of the nVision based system is that any Hand Arm or Whole Body set of response curves can be loaded making the system future proof. An attractive option is to use a Micro VAIO PC, shown below, with the DT9837 USB four channel acquisition card to gather your data. When using this configuration the battery of the Micro Vaio powers everything including the IEPE accelerometer attached in this case to the hedge trimmer handle. When you choose a CHARM system you get an advanced versatile solution and optionally a four channel acquisition system, full function micro VAIO PC and a triaxial accelerometer at a very attractive price.

DT9837+ VAIO mounted on tripod
while making a hand arm
measurement using a
hedge trimmer.
The CHARM display screen on the VAIO
showing the individual accelerations
and the vector sum.