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Tyre Cavity Microphone (TCM)

The TCM is a remote controlled radio microphone designed to capture the noise inside the tyre’s cavity.
The TCM comprises two small curved aluminium modules.
These are tensioned against the wheel hub by a stainless steel harness and connected by a multi-core cable and antenna. 
The TCM will enable engineers to:-
  • Measure tyre noise accurately
  • Gather data free from background noise
  • Develop tyres faster
  • Select the best tyres for a vehicle
  • Reduce vehicle interior road noise levels by enabling better road noise route tracking
For the Auto Maker
  • Inexpensive, accurate and convenient way to evaluate tyres
  • Selection of tyre that minimises the annoying tyre 'singing'
  • Selection of the best tread noise profile for a given vehicle
  • Road noise route tracking
For the Tyre Maker
  • Noise evaluation of the prototype tyres on test wheel without expensive anechoic treatment to test rooms
  • Coast by noise evaluation without going to the ISO surface
  • On public road tyre noise testing that is weather and background noise insensitive