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Bay Systems is the appointed representative of QPS Photronics Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada.

The QPS Vibrofibre is a stable, safe and cost effective transducer system that allows temperature and vibration to be measured in harsh and dangerous environments. Sensors are connected to the control module using fibre optic cable that can carry signals over 100’s of metres. The fibre gratings are small; the vibration sensor is only 5mm high.


As only light is used there is no susceptibility to electromagnetic fields and no degradation in ionising radiation. The sensors and their interconnecting fibre optic cable make Vibrofibre a good solution for intrinsically safe environments; e.g. Oil refineries and gas pumping stations. Immunity to high electromagnetic field strengths and ionising radiation make Vibrofibre especially useful in power station applications.


The stable nature of the transducers and cable leads to a very long service life of >25 years for the standard system and >35 years for the enhanced system. In both cases these time scales are typically longer than any extended plant life.

The purchase cost of a Vibrofibre system is typically less than a conventional temperature/vibration monitoring solution. Taking into account the very low incidence of transducer failure and hence the low cost of system upkeep the total through life costing of a Vibrofibre based system is much lower than a conventional system.


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